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The Science Research Program at the Yorktown High School is designed to provide students with a chance to pursue an in-depth understanding of a topic of their choice in the sciences or engineering by allowing them to participate in the community of science research and scholarship.

Students qualify to participate in the program after passing a stringent set of requirements during their freshman year. During the three year program starting in the sophomore year and culminating in the senior year, students are provided the opportunity to delve into and engage in an independent piece of research that they design and conduct under the supervision of their mentor.

This program is headed by Michael Blueglass, who is also the President of WESEF (Westchester Science and Engineering Fair). Students in the program are encouraged to participate in numerous competitions and symposia both in the local and national level in order to present their research. The program has produced several winners on the National level (e.g. Siemens, Intel Science Talent Search) and the International level (e.g. Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, International Sustainable World Research Competition).

The YHS Science Research Foundation is a non profit organization that supports the Science Research program at Yorktown High School with resources that serve to enhance the program.


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