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The objectives of the YHS Science Research Foundation are:

-Defray ancillary cost of program to students: In addition to the normal support from the school budget, the Science Research program has some unique needs that require additional resources. Some of the examples are: Office supplies (special papers, print cartridges, etc.) for printing posters, poster display boards, the need to buy a tool/equipment as a critical component for an experiment, etc. Many students also travel to NYC (Mt Sinai, Columbia, Sloane Kettering, NYU) and middle Westchester (Progenics Pharma, Regeneron Pharma, Acorda Therapeutics, NY Med. College) on a regular basis.

-Provide support infrastructure for school seminars and informal mentoring opportunities: To prepare the students for various local, national and international competitions, there is a constant need to have students present to an audience for seeking feedback to identify improvements.

-Create mentor connections: One of the critical needs in the program is a supply of interested, competent mentors in the community who can identify suitable research projects in their fields of interest within or outside their professional environment and work with the students on those projects to show progress and advancement of knowledge.

-Engage corporate sponsorship:There is a clear need for sponsorship from companies for both financial support and providing suitable environments and opportunities to conduct the science research projects at their insitutions.

-Champion the program in school community and beyond: In addition to the other topics above, the emphasis for more awareness of the science and engineering topics in our schools and the community at large, is essential to make progress in the 21st century.



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2013-2014 Officers:

Kate Nikisher
Vice President:
Sharon McCann
Eva Khandji
Anita Viswanathan


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