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Seeking Volunteers:

If you are a curious person with a professional background in the sciences, engineering, or medicine and would like to work with the high school students, we need you! Background: Every year, dozens of high school students (10-12 grades) participating in the Science Research program work with professional mentors on various projects that lead them to regional, national and international competitions. During this period, in order to make sure that the projects are making progress and the students are mastering the topics they have chosen, we need a small group of objective volunteers to review the work done by the students and guide them through the process and the competitions.

What do you need to do?
·1 Spend a few hours a week with students helping to review and work with the research students on their research papers
·2 Work with the students to help them fine tune their presentations before the competitions

Note: There is no financial commitment on your part; only your time and ideas to help the students.


Seeking Project Ideas and Mentors:

If you have a professional background with an advanced degree in ANY branch of mathematics, science, engineering or medicine, we would like you to help us make a difference!

Purpose: Identify new exciting topics and recruit resident mentors to work with our bright high school students on innovative Science Research projects.

What do we want to do?
·1 Have a meeting at the high school where we brainstorm about potential new ideas for Science Research projects.
·2 Identify potential mentors (this can be YOU or some one you know)
·3 Select projects based on suitability, feasibility, students’ interest and mentor availability.
·4 Execute the selected projects & showcase our projects, students and mentors in regional, national and international competitions.

Note: There is no financial commitment on your part; only your ideas and time.

If you are interested, please contact: Michael Blueglass




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